Our specialties:

The Breakthrough Mobile value proposition:

Sample deliverables:

  • Well-understood business goals, product priorities, and project methodologies
  • Outstanding vision docs, MRDs, PRDs, specs/stories
  • HTML UI Prototypes and user research results
  • Project cost estimates and recommendations based on business cases
  • Work estimates and schedules you can believe in
  • High functioning teams with new staff as needed

Primary Skills:

  • Getting stuff done
  • Whole-product management
  • User interfaces
  • User research
  • Engineering management
  • Marketing and PR
  • Intellectual property
  • Art & design direction
  • Demos and presentations

Customer Group Experience:

  • Mainstream mobile consumers
  • Marketing professionals at wireless operators
  • IT management and staff at wireless operators
  • 10s of millions of knowledge workers
  • Enterprise IT management and staff
  • Finance professionals
  • Web site authors

Technology Experience:

  • Mobile
  • Internet services (Amazon Web Services)
  • Web sites
  • Enterprise server software
  • PC client software
  • Databases and analytics
  • Rules systems